Protest against “Jerusalem Day” – Al-Quds


It was Jerusalem Day, the day in which the state of Israel celebrates the 67′ occupation of East Jerusalem, which it dabs “The unification of the city”. On this day tens of thousands of people, mainly youth, held a march called “The Flag March”, walking around Jerusalem, and specifically entering Palestinian neighbourhoods, holding Israeli flags, and chanting racist slogans, “Death to all Arabs”, etc. Palestinians called for a counter-protest to the march, in Damascus Gate, which was joined by several dozens of Israelis. During this counter protest the soldier in the photo pushed this Palestinian boy to the floor, trying to arrest him. A young Israeli woman threw herself at the soldier, getting in his way, and allowing the kid time to get up and escape.

There was high presence of police present throughout the entire demonstrations, including special units, and horsed policemen. While they allowed the racist flag march protestors to walk freely, they violently attacked the Palestinian protest, brutally arresting many protestors, running over others with horses, beating up many more.

During the protest, I walked into the Muslim quarter of the Old City, into which the Flag March turned, where I reunited with two of my comrades.. At some point, or another, the marchers started shouting and swearing at us, calling “Death to all leftists”, throwing at us the sticks, which held the flags. The situation was very tensed. Only by a stroke of luck, we escaped unharmed.

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Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IMG_7529           Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IMG_7535

Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IMG_7565           Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IMG_7590

Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IMG_7655           Protest%20against%20%22Jerusalem%20Day%22%20%7C%20IIMG_7704


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