Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza

Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | IMG_0935

About two dozen activists from Jaffa organized a vigil in solidarity with Gazans, following the Great Return March and its deadly suppression by the Israeli army. On March 30, which is also Land Day, thousands of Palestinians in besieged Gaza staged a peaceful march demanding Israel honour the Palestinian right of return after 70 years in exile. The Israeli army responded with deadly force, although it was clear the protesters posed no danger to the soldiers. 17 protesters were killed, hundreds injured from live bullets.
Jaffa in particular has strong historical tied to Gaza. Many of the refugees in the Gaza strip are originally from Jaffa and its surrounding villages, and many in the Palestinian community in Jaffa have relatives in the besieged Gaza Strip. Activists standing in solidarity with Gaza in the city’s historic Clock Tower Square demanded an end to the siege and to the killings of protesters.

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Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | FW7A4925         Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | FW7A4985

Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | IMG_0918         Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | IMG_0921

Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | FW7A4943         Jaffa in Solidarity with Gaza | FW7A5027

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