Manal Tamimi shares the experience of her arrest

Manal Tamimi shares the experience of her most recent arrest by the Israeli army. Manal was arrested during a protest in front of the Ofer military compound, where the trial of her kinswomen Nariman and her 16 year old daughter Ahed Tamimi was taking place. Manal describes the brutality of the soldiers and deliberate humiliation, as well as the routine endured by Palestinian female political prisoners in jail and between prison and the court. She was finally released after several days, but needed medical attention due to beatings she endured by her jailers. Just a few short nights after her release, the Israeli military raided her home in the dead of night and arrested her 18 years old son Muhammad. About a week later they arrested his brother Osama on his way home from work. Both of Manal’s sons are currently held incommunicado and in solitary confinement in a GSS facility inside Israel. The facility is notorious for the “enhanced interrogation” techniques that are used on detainees in order to extract information. Manal and her husband are not allowed to attend any of their sons’ court hearing.

The arrest – outside the Ofer military compound | 00:09
The interrogation – Atarot police station | 03:10
Jail – held at Haharon Prison | 07:13
The “posta” – the long road from jail to court and back | 08:45
Back to Jail – held at Haharon Prison | 13:11
Return to “normalcy” – Muhammad, Manal’s son arrested at their home | 21:30

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