Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014

Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_6995

On the second Friday of Ramadan, residents of NabiSaleh marched in solidarity with Gaza, currently under intense Israeli bombardments, where over 100 people, most of whom women, children and the elderly, were killed, hundreds more injured. Villagers, marching in uniform reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camps, were joined by solidarity activists, as they protested the massacre of the people of Gaza by the Israeli state. No major injuries reported.

Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_6966           Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_9671

Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_6970           Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_6994

Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_9689           Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_9684

Nabi Saleh 11/07/2014 | IMG_9708

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