Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7545

Villagers in Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army in a show of defiance, standing up for al-Aqsa and for the political prisoners. This past week, five of the village’s youth were arrested at dawn by the IDF and taken to Ofer detention centre, where the military court remanded them until next Tuesday. The Israeli army has been stepping up its raids and crackdown on Palestinian protesters in the West Bank and inside Israel, resulting in the arrests of hundreds, and the killing of many young man and women through extra-judicial means. The soldiers dispersed the Nabi Saleh protesters with live ammunition, tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. The soldiers also shoot tear gas at one of the houses. The canister broke one of the windows and started a fire inside the house, the fire was extinguished shortly after. No major injuries reported.
At the end of demonstration the IDF close the main gate of the village.

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Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7525           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7546

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7548           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7570

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7578           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7587

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7603           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7689

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_0260           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_0266

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7699           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7713

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7735           Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7753

Nabi Saleh 23/10/2015 | IMG_7756

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