Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8594

With dozens of Palestinians killed in the past months by Israeli forces, villagers in Nabi Saleh confronted the IDF to protest this wave of brutality, in addition to continued land confiscations and construction of Jewish-only settlements. Israel, on its part, has attempted to squash these weekly protest through a wave of arrests. In the last few weeks, 15 young residents of Nabi Saleh have been arrested from their homes, including a young woman, They are all being interrogated by the Israeli Shabak as their detention is repeatedly extended by a military judge. Today, the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canister and rubber-coated steel bullets at demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. No major injuries reported.

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Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8432           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8459

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8467           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8501

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8504           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8513

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8524           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8551

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8571           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8614

Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8634           Nabi Saleh 30/10/2015 | IMG_8637

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