Action against the Massacre in Gaza

Protest%20against%20the%20ongoing%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel Aviv%20%7C%20IMG_2588

Israeli activists staged another performative protest in front of the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv, burning “blood-stained” dolls, symbolizing the ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. The Egyptian military regime, headed by al-Sisi, is complicit in the ongoing siege and killing of Gazans by colluding with Israel’s Netanyahu and by insisting on keeping the Rafah border closed, thus preventing survivors’ only route of escape.

For more images and similar actions worldwide, please see the Facebook page of Jews Against Genocide

Action%20against%20the%20Massacre%20in%20Gaza%20%7C%20IMG_2563         Action%20against%20the%20Massacre%20in%20Gaza%20%7C%20IMG_2592


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