Protest against the massacre in Gaza, Tel Aviv

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv |IMG_4713

Israeli activists staged a demonstration against the massacre in Gaza after the police revoked the permit given to a protest organized by Zionist-leftist groups. Despite the ban, a few hundred protesters came to Rabin square in Tel Aviv, calling for the end of the siege and end the bloodshed.

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4599         protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4621

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4552         protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4558

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4677         protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4645

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4542         protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4786

About 30 Zionists staged a counter-protest next to the demonstration against the massacre in Gaza. The counter-protesters voiced their support of the IOF and the ongoing military operation in Gaza.
Banner: “One people, one state, one leader.”

protest%20against%20the%20massacre%20in%20Gaza%2c%20Tel%20Aviv | IMG_4726

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