Anti-Zionist Israelis speak with BDS activists from Gaza at Great March of Return

On October 5th about 30 Israeli activists went to Malaka, right next to the Gaza fence, to demonstrate in solidarity with the Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. The weekly protests at the Gaza fence have been organized since March 30. They demand for the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homes that they were expelled from in 1948 and the end of the siege on Gaza. Israeli activists flew Palestinian flags and held a banner which said: “Liberate the Gaza ghetto”. They created a small memorial for Palestinians that were murdered in past protests. The Israelis also spoke with BDS activists in Gaza by phone to express solidarity. The army declared the area a closed military zone and demanded for everyone to leave. While the Israeli activists left this time, they promised to come back to stand together with the people of Gaza against the siege and their right to a full realization of return.

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