IDF escalates violence towards protesters:

Nabi Saleh 05/12/2014 | IMG_3098

In recent weeks, I have witnessed on several occasions a worrying trend in the way the IDF opts to handle popular protests in the West Bank: In addition to tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, the army now deploys well-positioned snipers that target protesters with live ammunition, hence the recent sharp rise in injuries (many of them severe) from bullets.

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Nabi Saleh 12/12/2014 | IMG_9051           Nabi Saleh 12/12/2014 | IMG_2449

Nabi Saleh 12/12/2014 | IMG_8840           Nabi Saleh 12/11/2014 | IMG_1823

Nabi Saleh 12/11/2014 | IMG_8769           Nabi Saleh 12/11/2014 | IMG_1620

Nabi Saleh 12/11/2014 | IMG_8816

For more detailed information and analysis, see the following links:
B’Tselem: “Military steps up use of live 0.22 inch bullets against Palestinian stone-throwers“, 18/01/2015.
London Review of Books: “Under Fire in the West Bank“, 28/01/2015.


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