Blindfolded and handcuffed at the Eurovision in Tel Aviv

Israeli antizionist and International activists blockaded the entrance to the opening event of the Eurovision in Tel Aviv in support of the Palestinian Boycott Divestment and sanctions (BDS) call. They kneeled on the ground handcuffed and blindfolded to remind the festival goers of the 5400 Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails. These prisoners include 490 Administrative Detainees who are being held without charges, 205 Child prisoners, 47 Female prisoners, and 8 Palestinian Legislative Council members.  (Source: Adameer April 2019). The action is part of a Week of Action Against Eurovision in Tel Aviv organized by the International Solidarity movement (ISM)

“To hold the Eurovision in a country of ongoing occupation, siege and oppression is a devastating statement from Europe, affirming the status quo of injustice and violence. We believe that you shouldn’t hide the suffering of 4.5 million people under military occupation and the shooting of unarmed protesters in Gaza behind red carpets and gala robes. Let’s make sure to not let these crowds go home, humming Eurovision songs without thinking of the children in Gaza and house demolitions in the Westbank.” – German activist, 21

“My grandparents were forced to leave their entire lives behind with just the clothes on their backs because the Israelis created their own state in our country, Palestine. The Israeli army stole their dreams and homeland. My grandparents were forced to live in dismal camps for ages, waiting for the world to speak out on their behalf. I believe that holding Eurovision in Tel Aviv is a symbol that the same indifference exists today no one cares about the unimaginable burden of painful memories and open wounds that Israeli crimes have left. Our right to return to our land is not recognized The participants will celebrate and sing, ignoring the too many innocent lives that have been lost because of this barbaric, inhumane, aggressive occupation. We are not even allowed to attend, clear evidence of the gross violation of our rights.” – Malek Hijazi, We Are Not Numbers

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