Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015

Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4859

Residents of Nabi Saleh marched on Friday in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners, especially those who are ill and are deprived of adequate medical care. Also marched with them a delegation from the French communist party as well as international solidarity activists. The IDF assaulted protesters with barrages of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and even live ammunition. One protesters sustained a non-life-threatening head injury from a bullet and was rushed to a hospital for medical treatment. Two more protesters were shot with rubber bullets. In addition, soldiers assaulted two photojournalists documenting the protest, pushing them to the ground, kicking and hurling a stone at one of them.

Video by Miki Kratsman/

As I was standing on the side of the mountain documenting the shabab throwing stones at the soldiers, the latter began shooting live bullets (which have distinct sound). Abas, another photographer, told me to get down on the ground. Suddenly, one soldier appeared from behind a nearby rock and yelled at us “get out of here before I shoot you.” Abas and I got up to leave when all of a sudden the soldier aimed his weapon at us and barked “down on the ground.” The Palestinian who was throwing stones fled, and the soldier was visibly upset he would not be able to shoot him. At this point he began to shove both Abas and I, and his friend joined him and threw a large stone at me. Then he pushed me and my cameras onto the rocky ground. They must have been quite frustrated they had not hit the Palestinian, because moments later they shot another Palestinian in the head, and their commender praised them “way to go, good job.”
I’m ok. I hope the injured Palestinian is ok too.

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Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1207           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4165

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Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4859           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4883

Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4938           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4949

Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_4970           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_5069

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Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1303           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_5159

Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1309           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1370

Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1426           Nabi Saleh 25/04/2015 | IMG_1460

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