Human Rights activists protest outside ISDEF

A group of Israeli human rights activists, led by “Hamushim, ” an anti arms trade collective, Coalition of Women for Peace, the local Amnesty International branch, and “Standing together”, staged a protest outside ISDEF today in Tel Aviv. ISDEF is a bi-annual arms expo, showcasing the latest Israeli developed weapons and surveillance technologies. According to several reports, Israel has been selling weapons to countries such as South Sudan and Myanmar, both credibly accused off gross human rights violations. While officially Israel is denying dealing with these countries, and insists it adheres to UN-mandated arms embargo, representatives of the ruling Myanmar military junta have been spotted among the visitors in the expo this year as well. One of the activists, Sahar Vardi, pointed out that “These are arms that are tested, developed and marketed as “battle proven” because they are tested on Palestinians here, and these human rights violations towards Palestinians here and people around the world who are on the receiving end of these weapons is what we are here to protest”.

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