Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_9999

This Friday, Palestinians called for hoisting the national flag, as a symbol of steadfastness and resistance to the ongoing Israeli occupation. In addition, Palestinians expressed their rage over the killing of the Dawabsheh family of Duma – Sa’d, baby Ali and Riham, who passed away earlier this week – and call on the Israeli authorities to arrest the arsonists. In Nabi Saleh, which has endured increased violence in the past few weeks, locals and solidarity activists confronted the Israeli army waving the Palestinian flag. The IDF responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as several attempts to nab protesters and arrest them. Soldiers tried to ambush protesters, but failed to arrest them. Instead, they raided the village and hurled sun grenades and tear gas canister at houses and olive trees, causing a small fire. No major injuries reported.

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Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_9989           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4715

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4723           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4761

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4796           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4811

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4833           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4838

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4868           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4892

Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4927           Nabi Saleh 11/09/2015 | IMG_4941

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