Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1716

On the 80th day of Muhammad al-Qiq’s hunger strike, villagers from Nabi Saleh and solidarity activists confronted the Israeli army demanding to release the journalist immediately. Al-Qiq, a journalist from Dura in the Hebron district, was jailed by Israel without charges or trial. Currently, hundreds of Palestinians are held in administrative detention as well. Al-Qiq launched his hunger strike demanding to be charged or released. Israeli court suspended his administrative detention order, but refused to let him be transferred to a Palestinian hospital. In the past few days reports of al-Qiq’s deteriorating health have raised concerned in Palestine and in the international community, and thousands of Palestinians have been protesting all over the country calling for his immediate release.
The IDF attempted to disperse protesters in Nabi Saleh by firing live ammunition in their general direction. The army Also penalized Nabi Saleh residents by closing the main gate connecting the village with Ramallah. No injuries were reported.

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Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1642         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9773

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9775         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1649

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1660         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1683

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9793         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9823

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_1706         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9864

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9876         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9906

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9925         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9937

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9950         Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_9964

Nabi Saleh 12/02/2016 | IMG_0040

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