Nabi Saleh 21/04/2017

Nabi Saleh 21/04/2017 | FW7A2835

In solidarity with the hunger striking Palestinian political prisoners, residents of the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh marched and confronted the Israeli army. The strike was launched on Prisoner’s Day, 17 April, and included thousands of political prisoners of different factions. The prisoners demand immediate improvement to the conditions of their incarceration, such as access to education, phones, family visits etc. The Israeli state retaliated against the leadership of the prisoners, especially against Marwan Barghouti, by relocating them to different jails and placing them in solitary confinement.
The Nabi Saleh marchers waved the Fatah flags, chanted against administrative detention, and call for the release of political prisoners and against the ongoing occupation and land confiscations. The Israeli army attempted to disperse protesters with tear gas, rubber- and sponge-encased steel bullets. No major injuries or arrests reported.

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Nabi Saleh 21/04/2017 | FW7A2669         Nabi Saleh 21/04/2017 | FW7A2685

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