Clashes in Jerusalem

Clashes in Jerusalem | IMG_8873

Following the brutal murder of 16 years old Muhammad Abu Khdeir from the Shufat refugee camp in Jerusalem, angry protesters took to the streets, blocked some of the main highways and the light rail and clashed with Israeli riot police. Hundreds were injured while several demonstrators arrested. On Friday, the body of Muhammad Abu Khdeir was laid to rest in his native hometown, with a massive crowd of thousands in attendance. Israeli police forces in full riot gear, blocked the entrance to the old city of Jerusalem from Damascus Gate, preventing worshippers from reaching al-Aqsa to pray in the first Ramadan Friday. Palestinians then converged on the Damascus Gate area, praying in the street and confronting the police. During and following the boy’s funeral, Israeli police attacked mourners, and angry crowds in Shu’fat, Wadi al-Joz and elsewhere in the city clashed with policemen.

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem | IMG_8644           Damascus Gate, Jerusalem | IMG_8675

Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_4400           Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_4430

Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_4457           Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_8691

Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_8746           Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_8753

Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_8759           Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_8768

Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_4465           Clashes in Wadi al-Joz, Jerusalem | IMG_4486

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4497           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_8808

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4514           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4515

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4522           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_8828

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_8847           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_8859

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4527           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4529

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_8890           Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4543

Clashes in Shu'fat, Jerusalem | IMG_4544

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