Testimony by Haim Schwarczenberg: The killing of Mustafa Tamimi

English and Arabic subtitles can be found on the CC bottom on the video’s toolbar.

“The military claimed, according to what I read, that the soldier didn’t see what he was firing on. His claim is implausible, because there was a rock in the direction of the shooting, nothing else, So there was no reason to shoot in that direction unless one can see what one is firing upon”. “We can see the soldier looking at Mustafa falling but not stopping the jeep and not trying to assist”.

Today, two years after an IDF soldier opened the back door of an armoured jeep and fired a tear gas canister directly at the head of Mustafa Tamimi, who died from his injury shortly afterwards and a week after the military prosecutor decided to close the case of the killing of Mustafa Tamimi from Nabi Saleh, claiming that the shooting “was legal and according to regulations,” accepting the shooter’s claim that he “did not see Tamimi.” I share with you this testimony that filmed a few weeks after the incident, on 27.12.2011.

Haim Schwarczenberg, the Israeli photographer who witnessed the killing and documented it, was 10-15 meters away from Mustafa when he was shot.

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