Help me repair my photography equipment, damaged by an Israeli settler

Photographed & Edit by Bilal Tamimi

On Friday 3 March, 2017, I was documenting a direct action in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, at a local spring which had been confiscated by settlers. I was assaulted by a settler and pushed off a mound 1.5m onto the ground. I sustained bruises on my leg and a mild concussion.
However, both my cameras were extensively damaged as a result of this assault and fall.
My newer Camera, Canon EOS 5D IV is still under warranty (Mac Diamond). Repairing it would cost about 1400NIS.
My older camera sustained even further damage, and the cost of its repair is 4500NIS (inclusive of taxes), or 1224$ (1156 €, 1000 £). I therefore need between 4500NIS (in case the warranty kicks in) and 5850NIS (if it doesn’t), or 1224$-1590$ (1156 €-1500 €, 1000£-1300£), in order to repair my equipment.

I am therefore asking for your kind donations to help me fix my equipment, which I use for documenting demonstrations and direct actions against the Israeli occupation. These cameras are also the source of my livelihood as a professional photographer. If, by any chance, I successfully sue the settler who assaulted me, and perhaps the soldiers who refused to come to my aid and ask for his ID, and receive compensation, I will gladly pay back any donated funds.

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Help me repair my photography equipment, damaged by an Israeli settler | 17038921_10212683166413373_8831900772716689110_o

The price offer that I got (Hebrew)

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