Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011

Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_7025

Anticipating the upcoming prisoner exchange deal with Israel, residents of Nabi Saleh dedicated their Friday demonstration to three prisoners from the village about to be released. Family members marched with photographs of their loved ones, languishing behind bars in Israeli jails as protesters called for the release of all political prisoners. The Israeli army chased protesters back into the village with the “skunk,” a large vehicle designed to spray crowds with foul-smelling liquid, and then fired countless rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets as well as tear gas canisters at the protesters.

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Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_6948           Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_6961

Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_7000           Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_7009

Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_7082           Nabi Saleh 14/10/2011 | IMG_7214

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