Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8919

Villagers and solidarity activists marched against the occupation in Nabi Saleh, heading for the hilly edge of the village overlooking the settlement of Halamish. The IDF, however, was already waiting for demonstrators with at least two snipers who immediately fired live ammunition. Without using any other crowd control measures, such as stun grenades, the snipers fired tutu (0.22mm) bullets at the demonstrators, injuring two, a man in his 20s, and a 17 year old boy. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. This comes at the heels of several fatal shootings: a high ranking officer, commander of the area’s forces, executed a boy for stone throwing at his car, only to be given the full protection and support from the army; earlier this week, a teen was shot dead by the army in the Jenin area, and a man of 52 was shot and killed by soldiers in his own home near Hebron; a few hours later, two brothers were shot and severely injured during a military raid in their Nablus home. This escalation also proves that the military and legal apparatus provide soldiers with protection thus lending legitimacy after the fact to shooting civilians without accountability.

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Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8702           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_7077

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_6965           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_6978

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_6983           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_6991

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_6993           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_7012

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_7029           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_7046

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8704           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8718

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8730           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8737

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8780           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8789

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8809           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8814

Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8825           Nabi Saleh 24/07/2015 | IMG_8884

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